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Discrimination against employees occurs regularly in the workplace. Our Century City workplace attorneys understand how discrimination impact the lives of employees, often making the jobs they once loved into an everyday nightmare. Employees often face discrimination for some time before they are actually terminated or forced to resign. The award-winning lawyers at Termechi Employment Law fight employers aggressively to secure the maximum recovery for victims of discrimination.

Workplace discrimination takes many forms, both explicit and more subtle, all negatively affecting the victim’s professional and personal life. Generally, discrimination means less favorable workplace conditions based on an employee’s membership in one or more of the protected groups listed below. California law provides some of the strongest workplace protections in the nation but it takes an experienced attorney to help you fight for your rights.

Common Example of Discrimination in the Workplace

The various types of discrimination that are prohibited by the law include:

Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employee who is 40 years of age or older is treated unfavorably in comparison to younger employees. Discrimination of this sort could result in being wrongfully terminated, not being hired for a position where the qualifications were equal among older and younger candidates, being overlooked for a promotion, or through verbal harassment.

Mental and Physical Disability Discrimination

It is illegal for an employer to treat an employee with a qualifying physical or mental disability unfairly because of that disability. California law also requires employers to provide its disabled employees with “reasonable accommodations”  so that employees can continue to perform their jobs duties despite their disabilities.

Sex Discrimination

Sexual discrimination occurs when an individual is treated unfairly or is the target of abuse in the form of sexism. This often affects women as they are notoriously paid significantly less in comparison to their male counterparts for performing equally in their positions.

Gender and Gender Expression Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. For example, you may be denied opportunities for advancement because of your gender. You also may be routinely excluded from important meetings despite the significance of your position and responsibilities. If you assert your family and medical leave rights and take time off to give birth to a child, your job may not be there when you return. You can also be subject to gender harassment or intimidation while on the job

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Who you are attracted to or who you choose to be in a relationship with should have no bearing on your employment status. Unfortunately, there are still many employers that refuse to accept that all men and women are equal, regardless of their sexual orientation.  As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Mr. Termechi is passionate about fighting for the equal rights and protection of all members of the community.

National Origin and Ancestry Discrimination

National origin and ancestry discrimination involve employees who are treated unfairly because they are from a different country or because of their ethnicity.

Pregnancy Discrimination

California law forbids any type of discrimination against a pregnant employee. This includes hiring, firing, promotions, and job assignments. California law also requires that employers provide job-protected time off for pregnant women.

Race and Color Discrimination

Race discrimination occurs when an employee is treated unfairly because of his or her skin color or race.  In addition, you can claim race discrimination if you are treated unfairly because you are married to or associated with someone of a certain race or color.

Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination occurs when an employee is treated differently because of his or her religious or non-religious beliefs by way of not being treated equally by the employers or being verbally harassed.

Medical Condition and Genetic Information Discrimination

Medical condition discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee with a covered medical condition differently in the workplace, or when an employer terminates an employee on account of their medical condition. Covered medical conditions include cancer, history of cancer, medical conditions related to cancer and genetic characteristics. California law also requires employers to provide its employees disabled by a medical condition with “reasonable accommodation” so that employees can continue to perform the essential functions of their jobs despite their disabilities.

Marital and Family Status Discrimination

Marital or family status discrimination in the workplace happens when you are penalized or treated unfairly by your employer because you are not single or have a spouse or a family. This type of discrimination happens when you are not hired at work or even if you are hired, you are not given similar compensation or mandated benefits compared to your co-employees who are single or without children.

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