Severance Agreement

Severance Agreement

Termechi Employment Law Negotiates Favorable Severance Agreements for Employees

A severance agreement is a form of settlement agreement under which an aggrieved employee accepts an agreed sum of money in exchange for, among other things, abandoning all claims against the employer. Separation pay does not include additional compensation for wrongful termination, even though you waive your right to make a claim for wrongful termination by signing the agreement. Hence, if you feel that you are unfairly being pushed out from work, you are not obligated to accept any termination agreement offered to you.

If you have been laid off or discharged, and your employer offers you a severance package, don’t sell yourself short. You need an expert in employment and labor laws to review the agreement and negotiate while looking out for your best interests. Our Los Angeles termination agreement lawyers can help you interpret the “legalese” in your severance agreement.

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